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WM Keeper Classic is a standalone WebMoney application for Windows PCs. The program contains four tabs (correspondents, purses, incoming and the info window containing the list of internet resources needed for work). The user can switch between these windows with the help of buttons disposed at the top part of the interface panel. Each tab has a context menu which allows the user to reach other admissible operations. It is activated by pressing the right mouse button.

The list of purses enumerates the purse numbers, indicates their names given upon creation and stored amounts of WM. Each purse is represented by a conventional tag characterizing the type of the purse and its fullness. The context menu of the list of purses has the following functions: "Execute the transfer of WM"; "Check the list of operations with the purse or the list of payment accounts for the chosen purse"; "Create a new purse"; "Delete the purse"; "Fill up the purse"; "Copy the purse number into clipboard"; "See/change the purse parameters"; "Set the menu items by default".

The transfer is executed in the corresponding dialog window, where you need to indicate the purse from which the cash is transferred, the sum, and the receiver’s purse. Optionally, you may add a comment to the transfer. The destination purse must be of the same type as the sender’s.

WM Keeper allows the user to create purses of different types. The type of the purse is defined by the currency of WM used (USD, EUR, gold units or other), which can be chosen during creation in the dialog window “Creating the purse”. There are two types of accounts in the system – invoiced and sent to you for payment (incoming accounts) and invoiced and sent by you to other participants of the system (outgoing accounts).

The list of correspondents enumerates users with whom you exchanged messages, accounts or funds. Each recording contains the WM-identifier of the participant or his name, email addresses and phone numbers (whichever of these you define).

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