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WebMoney Keeper Classic 3.9

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WebMoney Transfer Technology is based on providing all its users with unique interfaces that allow to operate and control individual property rights for valuables (assets), stored at the specialized entities- the Guarantors.
All Guarantors- participants of the System are located in various jurisdictions and store valuables of various legal nature. Specific features of transactions with proprietary rights for values stored by each Guarantor, as well as their measurement units and the Guarantor’s obligations to exchange those proprietary rights with the currency of the country of its registration, are set out in the Agreements adopted respectively by every memberof the System in the course of registering a ‘Purse’, which serves as the accounting attribute of the proprietary rights.
All Purses in the System have a 12-digits identification number and a prefix, belonging to a corresponding Guarantor.
With WM Keeper you can view the list of transactions (History>Transactions), the invoices you have sent (History>Outgoing invoices) and the history of e-mail payments (History>e-mail payments) for your selected purse. The list of transactions for your purse contains the dates and details of incoming and outgoing transactions. Each record is marked with a symbol that denotes the transaction type.

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